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It all began in 2003 when Bartosz Glinkowski, founder of Sheen Polish Delicatessen, arrived in the UK. Since the very beginning of his stay, he honed his management skills in one of London's top restaurants, located on the top floor of 30 St Mary Axe (AKA "The Gherkin"). He then went on to work at The Square, a well-known restaurant awarded two Micheline stars, alongside celebrity chef Phil Howard.

He spent 8 years gaining valuable experience in managing fine dining restaurants. He then moved on to work in the finance industry as an employee of Barclays Bank. For four years he acquired valuable knowledge of finance that would later allow him to finally open his own business.

This business was Sheen Polish Delicatessen. Glinkowski opened the company out of a sincere wish to bring his clients quality products. Inspired by his family life and a wish to only provide his family with the best food he can, he decided to open a business that would allow him to introduce the people of the UK to amazing Polish food products.

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