Bread & cakes

One of the greatest things about Polish cuisine is the exquisite bread and cakes. You can be certain that ever loaf of bread, roll, bun, or any other product will be 100% freshly baked. Whether you're looking for light bread, wholemeal bread, bread with seeds, or any other type of bread, you can find it here. Our selection is immense. Expect a similarly varied selection of cakes, among which you'll find the ever-popular cheesecakes, apple pies, cream puffs, and many others. Need a special cake for a birthday or wedding? We can make them for you as well.


Poland is well known for its quality meat, both fresh and smoked. Visit our shop and take in the robust selection of high quality smoked hams, sausages, and more, all sliced according to the clients' wishes. You can even taste our products before buying. Choose from a variety of dry smoked pork sausages and other dry meat, pâtés, blood sausages, salami, bologna sausage, and many other types of meat. Don't forget to take a look at our pork chops, shoulders, livers, and many other kinds of meat straight from Poland. We also take individual orders.

Polska wędlina.


Nothing is as healthy, tasty, and nutritious as authentic, traditional, Polish fish. Our shop offers an amazing selection of fish from the Baltic sea. Choose from a variety of smoked fish, including mackerel, salmon, and halibut. However, no Polish fish store can truly deserve its name without herring. We offer many variants of herring. Whether you're in the mood for herring in oil, cream, vinegar, or anything else, you can be certain you will be satisfied with our selection.


It's hard to imagine a large part of Polish cuisine without dairy products. That's why our shop can offer you a robust selection of authentic Polish dairy products. If you're looking for high-quality kefir, buttermilk, dry cottage cheese, yeast, and more, you're guaranteed to find them here. We give you the opportunity to try the best Polish yoghurts and cheeses, including not just traditional cheese, but also smoked cheese, cheese spread, and many others.

Frozen products

Sometimes you're looking for a practical solution. A way to eat something fast without losing any of that amazing taste. Our frozen food offer is your best solution. There is no quicker way to prepare a delicious dinner or supper. We offer a great selection of traditional Polish meals, including many types of pierogi, such as the popular "pierogi ruskie" or with meat, as well as sweet piergoi with fruit. Aside from that, you can choose from a variety of frozen vegetables which you can use for soups or just defrost on your frying pans, as well as ready-made noodles.


It's hard to deny the fact that Poland is famous for its delicious sweets. In our shop, you are guaranteed to find all the best Polish sweets, imported directly from Polish manufacturers. So whether you're looking for the famous "ptasie mleczko", gingerbread, chocolate or biscuits, we have all that and more. We also sell a great selection of traditional candy by weight, including chocolate plums, liqueur cherries and fudge.

czekolada i okruchy na stole


Polish food products are the undisputed champions of the food industry, which is a well-known fact among Poles. That is the reason why we bring those foods here. Pickles, sauerkraut, herb tea, a great selection of spices - these are all the things that make Polish cuisine unique, and you can find them all in our shop. Here you'll find everything you'd also find in a supermarket. We also offer a great selection of flours, groats, noodles, and many other products that are enough to let you make all your food shopping at our shop.


The only thing Poland is more famous for than its food is alcohol. All around the world people drink our vodkas, both clear and flavoured. And it's not hard to see why - they're the best around! You can find them in our store. Aside from vodka, you can also count on a healthy selection of canned and bottled beer, whichever type you may prefer. We also offer white and red wines which, though still not made in Poland, are worth recommending, as many Poles are great fans of this drink.