polski miód w Londynie w słoiku


History of Pucer beekeeping dates back to 1957 and we are the followers of family tradition.Pucer apiaries are located on the picturesque grounds of Warmia and Mazury. These are clean and ecological areas, situated far from industrial centres.

Climatic conditions combined with the knowledge and great care of the state of bee colonies and high honey production of insects, is a guarantee of flavour, colour and consistency of honeys from PUCER Apiary.

Obtained through old and traditional methods, poured with the use of modern equipment in such a way as not to lose anything valuable, the honeys from PUCER Apiary are appreciated by gourmets.


Linden honey
It delights its gourmets with a unique sharp lime flavour, its smell is very strong. It is characterized by a high antibiotic activity. It contains aromatic oils which have an expectorant and antitussive effect. It also has a calming effect on the nervous system.

Buckwheat honey
Thanks to a strong spicy aroma, it is a perfect additive for beverages, dishes and baked cakes. Consumption of buckwheat honey contributes to the increase of the level of hemoglobin in the blood. It is used in treatment of heart and stomach neuroses. Due to a high content of rutin, it is also said to have rejuvenating properties.

Multiflower honey
It is characterized by a balanced flavour without a dominant character. It is a mild honey perfect for enhancing the taste of the dishes. Due to a high glucose content, it is recommended for treatment of heart and liver diseases.

Multiflower creamed honey
Despite its delicacy, it is a true essence of spring life-giving rushes of Masurian Nature. Natural medicine experts recommend multiflower honey for people with a tendency to allergy. It impresses with a clear, pearl colour and spreads on bread very easily.

Forest honey
It cumulates in itself the effects of herbs from nectar, from which it is derived. Among the therapeutic applications, worth mentioning are e.g. keeping the liver and gallbladder healthy, prevention and treatment of influenza as well as other diseases and colds.

Honeydew honey
Mild in flavour, „the least sweet” of all the honeys, although it is not derived from nectar, it has the opinion of the most valuable one. It captivates with its resinous, balsamic aroma and taste with a slightly spicy tone. Due to ahigh content of micronutrients, it is recommended for those who want to maintain a high level of mental alertness.

Acacia honey
A very light colour, almost transparent. The smell of flowers of black locust, mild in flavour, very sweet. It crystallizes very slowly. It helps in the treatment of diabetes, digestive disorders, and diseases of the stomach and intestines.

Acacia honey with wild strawberry
Mild in flavour acacia nectar combined with delicate wild strawberries. Perfect for ice cream, desserts, tea, cereals, milk, strawberry yoghurt.

Acacia honey with raspberry
Perfect for a cold. Raspberries have a diaphoretic, and generally strengthening effect due to the presence of vitamins and essential for our health omega-3 fatty acids. Perfect for tea, yoghurt or ice cream. A sour raspberry with a sweet honey, really DELICIOUS!

Acacia honey with cherries
A composition of golden sweetness of honey. Cherries contain monosaccharides and pectin, manganese, iodine, calcium, and iron. Perfect for yoghurt, ice cream, bread with mascarpone or Italian cheese.