Krokus is a family-run fruit and vegetables processing company based in Pająków, at the border of Mazowieckie and Lubelskie Voivodeships, near Kazimierz Dolny, Janowiec and Puławy.

The company was established in 1993. Initially, all the products were intended for export. We entered the Polish market in 2004. At present, we are the leader among the companies which offer traditional fruit and vegetables preserves.

Krokus is a member of the Polish Chamber of Local and Regional Products. Our products are recommended by Le Guide de Gourmonet, the French culinary guide, and by SlowFood Poland. In 2013 they become a member of European Network of Regional Culinary Heritage.

Producers are deeply rooted in their local community. They buy fruit and vegetables from local farmers who have extensive knowledge about cultivation of crops. This results from centuries of gardening traditions in the region as well as the agricultural education of our suppliers and access to the up-to-date knowledge. They have cooperated with them for many years, they share their experience and support local farmers. This cooperation provides producers with access to fresh raw material of the highest quality. Work based on GHP/GMP and HACCP is as important as the raw material. Combination of these two elements is our key to success and guarantees the highest quality of our preserves.


When manufacturing our products, we are guided by three principles:

  • first of all, they should be so tasty that we ourselves could not resist them,
  • secondly, we make our preserves the same way as they used to be made in our homes, following tested recipes from the 19th and the early 20th centuries.
  • and thirdly, we have developed and implemented a production process that preserves as many nutritional benefits of fresh fruit and vegetables as possible.

That is why our preserves do not contain such ingredients as preservatives, flavourings, food colouring and other additives typical of mass production food. We offer healthy and delicious products which have the taste typical of the traditional Polish cuisine. We take all efforts to make our preserves resemble the ones that used to be very popular, but are a bit forgotten today.